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Concept Art on the Way

Hey everyone, Griffin here with an update on some of the visuals coming to Fool’s Treasure. As we move ever closer to a final version, the studio has worked to get the basic visuals outlined as concepts to really cement the look and aesthetic feel. For this post we’ll be looking specifically at Captain Silver.

concept of Captain Silver facing away

The Process

To create Captain Silver, I took from a combination of a number of sources. Beginning at the top, I sketched in a hat based off a classic tricorn, starting a basic hair shape extending down from the base of that. From there, I took inspiration from various pirate coats which are long sleeved and extend down to the knee, splitting in the back. To finish the outline, I drew down legs in a confident stance with large turned down boots. To make it easier to read, I added in some basic shading throughout to make element like the hair and arms look less flat. Finally, I added in a shadow to establish a light source.

Why this design?

A big reason for the pose of the captain and some of the elements of it is that we wanted them to be as vague as possible. Instead of making a detailed figure and face, we want the ambiguity of the captain to be a part of the game. If we were to put a face to them, it takes a little away from the character, whereas leaving them this way, their physical attributes are up to the player to imagine. In this way, we can still establish the captain’s personality as we envision, give them the clothes of their craft, but allow the player to feel more connected to the captain since they can be anyone.

We want to hear from you!

As a studio, we can deliberate all we want internally but we’re still only hearing the same four voices bouncing off eachother. We want to know what you think of our designs, ideas, plans. Do you think we’re headed in the right direction? Have good ideas? Just want to tell us something? Let us know in the comments!

More updates soon from Hurricane Rock Studios


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