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Development is Underway!!!!

Introduction Work

Hello all! This is Yash with another update in Fool’s Treasure. Currently we have finished up the entire introduction sequence. This is going to be exciting since we added much more dialog options between the player and the infamous Captain Silver to immerse the player into the game. Can’t wait for you to experience meeting Captain Silver for the first time.

Yash Patel working on the introduction to the game. (Ignore the messy work area)


In other news, there is more work on the actual meat of the game. The main and mysterious island is currently under development. We are adding as many puzzles and side adventures for the player to go on. We are making this part of the game to be as surprising and delightful as possible so bear with us as this will take most of our coding development time. Will there be danger, excitement, suspense, comedy? Find out when the game is out.

More Artwork being Developed

The due date of the game is approaching and artwork needs to get cranked out. Sorry but we can’t display all of our artwork or else the game would be boring otherwise. So here is a totally encrypted picture of the game so far.

Totally encrypted picture of one of the islands in the game

Testers NEEDED

Hey, are you interested in playing games. More importantly are you interested in breaking games made in 4 weeks. Well we have a game that needs to be tested for bugs. If you want to test our game. Email us at saying that you want to test our game

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