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Hello Game Community! The deadline is getting close for Hurricane Rock’s new game Fool’s Treasure. Preparing to be released on October 8, 2019. The main game has been created and playable but where is the fun in that. There has to be much more to create life in these games. Right now, our team is working on adding more story, more artwork, and more sounds. Sounds like it’s going to be more immersive right? Of course it is, it will be Hurricane Rock Studio’s best game yet. (granted it’ll be our first game).

So I am sure you are all wondering, what could these new features actually be. Can’t give to much information because that’ll ruin the game but we can give you an idea. Captain Silver will now give you a puzzle for you to do to be able to start on your adventure. Obviously you must prove yourself to be an aspiring treasure hunter. In terms of new sounds, we already have enough to make it sound like you are on the ocean exploring. But that isn’t enough. We’ll be adding sounds that occurs when doing the puzzles such as rocks breaking and doors opening to get the player better immersed. But the largest goal is to add more artwork! We all know how much you love artwork in this game so we decided to create eight more pictures. That’s right, EIGHT MORE PICTURES. There needs to be more artwork or else the world will get more bland. So here is more totally encrypted pictures.

Encrypted Picture of Captain Silver

Encrypted Picture of one the islands

Stay tuned for our last few posts before our game is published.

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